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Okabe and Tomizawa: The Untold Story

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The Place Promised in our Early Days
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Ekusun Tsukinoe

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:18 pm    Post subject: Okabe and Tomizawa: The Untold Story  Reply with quote

While researching the music for an essay, I became aware of this tidbit for the first time.

1. During their scene over dinner, Okabe mentioned that Hiroki and Takuya were building an airplane, to which Tomizawa replied, "that brings back memories."

2. During their last phone conversation, Okabe made some remark, causing Tomizawa to stare at a photo on a shelf; the photo appeared to show the two of them at younger ages with a girl, next to a homemade single-engine plane.

3. Next, a flashback scene with the girl running across a field, chasing the in-flight plane.

Now, wouldn't that make an interesting story?
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

One of the anime bloggers I read had a review where he tried to analyze and root out Okabe and Tomizawa's story.  He hid the analysis at the bottom of the review because it had spoilers (at the bottom, click on "show").  Here's what he said:

The Third Time
I didn’t make a mistake in my first sentence of the overview - this really was a story of three friends and three different times in their lives. We only get to see two of these times directly - when they were middle school friends, and when they resolved the story three years later.

Remember the results of the Tower research - it offered a glimpse into the future of other universes, as well as their pasts. Tomizawa speculated that it would be an important tool both militarily and politically, but never finished his thought. Are we bound to the one we began in, or can we inject ourselves into another one?

I think Okabe and Tomizawa weren’t living their first lives in our universe - they were trying to correct the mistakes they’d made in a different one. They weren’t two new characters. Okabe was Hiroki, and Tomizawa was Takuya. This was the third period of their lives, but because it was intermeshed with the other two we saw them as two different people.

Their original story was the same as the current one, but it happened before the war that divided Japan. We only get one mention of their past - a brief glimpse of a photo sitting on Tomizawa’s shelf:


The alternate version of Sayuri wasn’t there in the third age. It’s possible that she was trapped in Hokkaido after the separation. There are hints that Okabe was married once - if she was his wife, that would explain his drive to obtain reunification with the north. Although he wasn’t able to keep his promise, he founded the terrorist group Uilta Liberation Front to provoke a war between the Alliance and the Union, which he thought would bring about reunification.

In the end, he’s in a unique position to allow Hiroki to keep his promise to Sayuri. It certainly puts his plans at risk, but if Hiroki succeeds the results will be the same for the ULF. He has enough faith in Hiroki to take that risk - he doesn’t have to look into Hiroki’s heart to know how much determination is there, he only has to look into his own.

Tomizawa is almost a carbon copy of Takuya. By this stage in his life, though, he’s reconciled the bitterness that initially drove he and Okabe apart, which is mirrored in the reconciliation of Hiroki and Takuya at the end. He isn’t in the ULF, but he uses his connections with the NSA to provide them with covert assistance. Like Takuya, he can’t understand the motivations of Okabe and Hiroki, but goes along with their plans because he trusts in their friendship.

In the end he took same major risks, and nearly destroyed the world. He tried to keep Takuya insulated, but had no problem risking Sayuri and Hiroki. For the most part he was driven by his quest for knowledge about the tower. Setting up the reunion between Sayuri and Hiroki was the only way he could confirm his theories about what was keeping the tower in check.

His motivations weren’t completely academic, though. This glance was pretty significant:


He knew that Sayuri was coming back from her dream world, and I think that was his way of saying “Good Luck.”

They took some major risks. Tomizawa nearly destroyed the world with his gamble. Okabe nearly got Takuya killed with his own. In the end, they had to leave it up to Hiroki and Takuya, and trust them to do the right thing.

It's a very intriguing hypothesis that I wanted to look into further for some time.  I just haven't had the time or energy at the moment.

What are your thoughts?
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm glad I came across this post again ... the more I watch this movie the more I see the main characters reflected in the supporting cast. I can totally see how Okabe and Tomizawa could be using/helping the main characters in order to get some form of personal catharsis. Anyway ... lots of layers to this movie the more you watch it.


You're a woman, I'm a calf ... you're a window, I'm a knife ... we come together making chance into starlight ... - Jeff Buckley

ここにいるよ. - Voices of a Distant Star
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The Place Promised in our Early Days
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