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Otakon 2011

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One more time, One more Chance
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Joined: 09 Jan 2008
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:01 am    Post subject: Otakon 2011  Reply with quote

Well ... this year's Otakon was magnificent. First of all, this was the first Otakon that I went to as a married guy. My wife was awesome enough to come and didn't complain through any of the waiting in line or being hungry or anything. I wish I was more like her in that respect, I whine a little too much Sad

Second of all, Shinkai-san and the CoMix Wave Film folks came to Otakon AND they brought the new film Hoshi wo o Kodomo to premier.

Thirdly, CrunchyRoll was there and I was hoping to meet up with some of the folks I had interacted with before.

So, let's start with Friday night and work our way through the weekend.

Friday night I cut out of work early to try to get to Otakon in time or the Shinkai autograph session. My wife and I got there with about 45 minutes left and I found out that the line was closed .... OH NO !!!!! Big let down. I had brought my blu-ray of 5 CM to hopefully get an autograph. Oh well ... there are greater tragedies in life than not getting SHinkai-san's autograph.

My wife had wanted to see the Chemistry concert Friday night so we walked by the line and seeing that it was still small, we headed to the dealer's room. This would be our first inkling as to how good this weekend was going to be. I wandered up to the Crunchyroll booth and one of the guys there came over and started telling me about the joys of Crunchyroll.I kinda dropped the whole "Global Shinkai Day' in conversation and the guy goes ... are you Laz? HA HA HA ... It turns out he was one of the folks I emailed with for the last GSD. He called one of the women over who was working the booth and it turns out that she was like my main contact for the GSDs recently. Too funny. I told them my sob story about missing Shinkai's autograph session and they said that SHhinkai was going to be signing at the near by Bandai booth on Saturday and that I should stop by. One of the CR folks then went back in their booth and emerged with an autographed copy of 5 Cm per Second. I thanked them profusely. They had remembered that I was begging for cool give aways so they offered this as a prize for the next GSD so ... One Autographed DVD of 5 CM Per Second goes into the Prize pool.

Right across from the CrunchyRoll booth was Kinokuniya .. which is a Japanese book store chain. My wife, who has the eyes of an eagle, spotted several Shinkai related books.  I got 2 volumes of the 5 CM per Second Manga, one volume of the manga from the new film and the art book from the new movie. Super cool.

We walked through the Dealers room an my wife, who is Japanese, was very entertained by all the cosplayers and the stuff for sale.

We walked back to the Chemistry line and jumped in. After quite a while, we were allowed in. Now Chemistry was very popular in Japan ... about 5 years ago or more. They put on an entertaining show. The fnniest thing was when they came on stage, my wife got up and started clapping. She looked around and everyone was sitting. She said "Whats wrong with them?" ... I said .. they don't know who Chemistry is .. ha ha ha.

After the Chemistry concert, we headed to the harbor to eat dinner and we got into Edo Sushi. We left there and headed back home. We had an early morning with the Shinkai film at 10 am the next day.

Little did I know what was in store ...

You're a woman, I'm a calf ... you're a window, I'm a knife ... we come together making chance into starlight ... - Jeff Buckley

ここにいるよ. - Voices of a Distant Star
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Joined: 09 Jan 2008
Posts: 1330

PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:22 am    Post subject: Otakon Day 2 Reply with quote

Ok ... I started thinking about some of the stuff I'm writing about and I hope this isn't coming across as "Ooo .. look at me ... I'm cool". I don't want you to think I'm spouting off about me. I know I'm just some goof who fell in love with Shinkai's works and wanted to talk to other folks about it.

So .. Saturday, Day 2 ...

God Bless my wife, she was up early and ready to go. The Shinkai film was playing at 10 am so I wanted to get there by 8. We wound up getting to the room at 8:30 and there were already about 50 people in line. We sat down and my wife (Bless her) read a book while I sat anxiously and stalked a fellow blogger (Oguie Maniax) and Tweeted. There was an anime that was supposed to be played at 9 am .. so a bunch of us in line were wondering how they were going to work the line. Since we were all there for Shinkai. The Otakon staff said that they just got the Shinkai film that morning and were testing it to make sure it was ok with their HD system.

9:30 am finally came and we all stood up and started filing in. The HD room at Otakon has one big draw back ... unlike a movie theater all the chairs are on the same level, so it's hard to see the subtitles if you're sitting behind a tall person. I gave the aile seat to my wife (she's a short one) and I was lucky that no one really tall sat in front of me.

The theater was filled at the start of the film and the film began. You can read my film review in another thread. We were told that Shinkai was not going to do the Q&A after the film ad that he would make an announcement and then leave.

The movie was well received. The crowd laughed at the funny parts and responded well.

At the end of the film, everyone applauded and Shinkai and the CoMix Wave Films folks entered the front of the room. Shinkai gave a short message and then took questions. The cool thing about CWF, they brought lots of swag. the first 13 people with a question were given movie posters. There were a lot of good questions ... let me see if I can remember ...

1. What were the influences for mythology of the film
2. Questions about specific characters
3. What was Shinkai trying to communicate through the film ...

All very good questions. Shinkai took them all and was very gracious. A lot of people stayed to hear the Q&A.

At the end I caught the attention of Sunami-san, one of the CWF folks and said Hi and then said Hello to Shinkai. I'll just say Shinkai is a great guy. He was very nice to me and my wife. They had to run to another room so it was a very quick interaction.

We left the room and headed down to the dealer room. We walked over to the Crunchyroll booth and my wife says "Hey, that's Shinkai over there signing autographs!". I ran over and got in line. Having learned my lesson from Friday's autograph session .. I got right in. This was another ticket event ... meaning, you had to have been given a ticket to get into the line. They had made the decision to let some non-ticket holders into the line ... us included. Shinkai took the time to talk to everyone and to sign their DVDs or what ever.

When it was my turn, they all laughed ... I was like "Hey ... it's good to see you again". I'm sure they thought I was some kind of stalker or something. I had Shinkai autograph my copy of the new movie's picture book. My wife took a couple fuzzy pictures as well. As we walked away Sunami-san gave me his card and said that maybe we could get together later. Wow .. very cool.

I was pretty oblivious this weekend. All these Shinkai events were in the schedule, but I somehow missed them Sad for instance, Shinkai had another Q&A session at 3 PM that day .. so ... we went on up to that room and sat in the front row.

I guess I'll split Day 2 into two posts. I'm getting sleepy Sad

I'll have some pics for the next post as well.

You're a woman, I'm a calf ... you're a window, I'm a knife ... we come together making chance into starlight ... - Jeff Buckley

ここにいるよ. - Voices of a Distant Star
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Joined: 20 Jan 2012
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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One more time, One more Chance
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