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Short Story

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The Arts
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Koji Otaku

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:23 am    Post subject: Short Story  Reply with quote

//edit: changed name of thread for the purpose of helping a friend cheat school because she is lazy

I wrote this story aiming to get it in the anthology book is making. Tell me what you think. The format might be wonky because I'm just copying and pasting it into the forum.


I exist.
I exist because I'm thinking.
I'm thinking because I exist.
I see.
I think I figured it out.
I'm alive and this is me.
I'm here because I'm alive.
I exist.


As I opened my eyes, I was greeted with a blinding light. It caused me pain as I tried to look around me.
What is this? Is someone shining a bright light at my face? Who would do such a thing?
When my eyes finally adjusted to the light, I realized what was blinding me was the sun. A giant ball of light in the sky which, if I look at directly, it hurts my eyes.
“Ow,” I muttered as I sat up, rubbing my eyes with my hand to ease the pain.
“Hello there!”
There was a voice just now. I know I heard it, but I can't see where it came from.
“Look behind you.”
Behind me was a girl towering over me, her hands to her hips as she looked down at me. Her long golden hair was tied back in a large pony tail, flowing with the passing wind.
“You're really tall,” I said.
“You're sitting down.”
I looked down at my legs. Sure enough, I was sitting.
Once I got to my feet, I realized that she and I were the same size. For some reason I was relieved.
“Did you have a nice nap?” she asked.
“Was I taking a nap?” I asked, still rubbing my eyes.
“Well, you were sleeping on the ground, so I assume that you were taking a nap. Am I wrong?”
“I-I don't know. I guess you're right. I'm not sure what I was doing.”
Once my eyes weren't hurting anymore, I got a good look at her. She had really fair skin which appeared to glow under the sunlight. Her red dress matched her eyes.
She started walking around me, her eyes moving up and down as she studied me.
“Uh, i-is there something wrong?” I stuttered.
Once she came full circle, she nodded her head.
“You're really cute.”
I fell backwards, landing on my behind and hands.
“Wha-what do you mean I'm cute?”
“I'm just sayin',” she answered. “I like your twin tails and blue dress.”
Looking down at myself, I noticed I was wearing a blue dress. When I felt my hair, I discovered it was tied up in twin tails.
“Ah,” I muttered.
“So, what's your name?”
My name?
My name.
Do I have a name? Did I have a name? Why don't I know my name?
This is bad.
I have a name, right?
“I, uh.”
“You don't have one, do you?”
She was right on the dot. Amazing. She must know a lot.
“Don't worry about it. I don't have a name either?” she said with a warm smile.
“I see.”
“See what?”
I gripped the bottom of my dress. Is it really okay not to worry about not having a name?
“I don't like not having a name,” I said.
“You'll get one eventually. Just don't worry about it for now.”
Her words were comforting. Since she was so sure, I decided that she must be right.
I nodded.
“Great! So, let's go!”
As she started walking away, I stood there, not sure of what to make of this. When she noticed me standing still, she sighed in annoyance and waved to me.
“Hurry up!”
“Uh. R-right!”
When I caught up to her, she grabbed my hand.
“This way you won't lag behind.”
I was led to four long wires, all running parallel to one another, held up by a series of tall towers that pierced the sky. These wires and towers stretched all the way into the sky line with no end in sight. Other than the that, there was only grass. All this place had were these towers and wires, then just grass. A giant field of grass that went as far as I could see.


I wondered where we were traveling to. Did she have a set goal as to where we were going? It took me awhile, but I finally managed to ask her.
“Where are we going?”
“Hm? Oh, I don't know.”
There was little thought to her answer.
“You don't know?”
“I just decided to start following these wires and see where they go.”
“When did you start following them?”
“Not too long ago. I practically just started  when I found you lying out in the distance. I thought about just going on and leaving you, but realized that this trip would be much more fun with more people.”
“You were going to leave me behind?”
“I didn't, did I?”
“So that doesn't matter. Does it?”
“I guess not.”
“Good. Glad we got that settled.”
The wires above us swayed back and forth. I wasn't sure as to why they were there or what their purpose was, but for some reason I felt that it was no use to ask her why they were there.
“Is there anything else besides these towers?”
“Nope. Not that I've seen.”
“Do you think that we should go out and look for something else?”
“No,” she answered rather quickly.
“Because we are suppose to follow the wires.”
“Did anyone tell you to?”
“Nope. It's just a feeling I have.”
There's no reason to argue with her. She's probably right anyway.


The sun began to set; dying the sky red in the process. In the middle of the sky was a large collection of clouds, forming what looked like a giant castle in the sky. These clouds created a large, moving shadow on the ground that quickly headed for our direction. Even though the shadow was rather large, it passed over us in an instant.
“The shadow didn't stay long, did it?” I asked.
“The shadow that was over us just now. It came and went really quick.”
“Oh, yeah.”
The two of us were sitting off to the side of one of the towers. Since it was going to get dark soon, she decided that we should relax and take it easy to save our energy for the next day. It sounded like a good idea to me, so I complied.
“We got pretty far today,” she said.
She laid down on the ground, resting her head on her hands, focusing on the tower that stood before us.
“You know, they kind of look weird.”
“They do?” I asked.
I never saw a tower before, so I didn't know these were weird looking.
“Yeah. They have no body at all. It's just a skeleton of a tower. It's like they decided to make a tower then gave up after building the foundation.”
Sounds reasonable to me.
“But why did they make so many of them?”
“They built every one at the same time then stopped at the same time.”
Sounds reasonable to me.
“But then why did they put the wires on the towers if they were just going to give up?”
“Well, the towers in their skeletal forms were good enough, so they put the wires on them anyway. Might as well use them, right?”
Sounds reasonable to me.
“Then who made them?”
She stood up and walked toward the tower. Placing her hand on its base, she looked at the wires.
“I don't know,” she answered.
The tower she stood next to dwarfed her in size. Even if there were ten of her and they all stood on top of one another, they wouldn't be close to reaching the top. Also, the setting sun caused the tower to look black from the lack of light. The tower looked kind of menacing standing in front of the red sky.
“Hey!” she shouted. “You bet I can climb up to the top and touch one of the wires?”
I looked at her, then to the top of the tower. Due to its design, it looked as if she could climb to the top with ease. But wouldn't that be dangerous?
“Well?” she yelled, frustrated by my lack of a quick response.
“I g-guess.”
Placing one foot on a beam, she hoisted herself onto the tower and began to climb. Like a spider, she made her way to the top, climbing in and out of the beams. Higher and higher her body rose, along with my worry.
“I don't think you should climb up there!” I yelled from the bottom.
“What? Why not? You said that I could climb to the top.”
“But I didn't mean you should actually climb it!”
Ignoring me, she continued to climb.
She was high.
Really, really high!
Much too high!
What if she falls!
This isn't good! This isn't good at all!
“Come down!” I yelled.
“I'm almost there. Let me at least touch one of the wires,” she shouted.
I frantically walked in circles around the base of the tower as her silhouette stood against the red sky.
“Wow! You can see everything from up here!”
She was now sitting on the very tiptop, appearing as small as a marble from where I stood.
“Be c-careful!”
“This is amazing! You should come up here and check this out!”
“I don't want to!”
“Suit yourself.”
Her tiny figure didn't move an inch. I really wanted to go up there myself and bring her down, but I was too scared to climb up there and get her.
I really wish that she would get down from there.
“C-can you come d-down n . . .”
Her tiny figured moved off from the tower and now hung from one of the wires that rested high above me. Slowly, she made her way across the wire trying to get to the other side.
At this point, I was in a frenzy.
“What are you doing!” I screamed.
“I'm going to climb to the other tower.”
“No! D-don't do that!”
Instead of following my suggestion, she continued on. The wind picked up, causing her to sway back and forth with the wire.
I couldn't take it anymore!
“Get down!”
For a second there, I thought she fell off.
. . .
She fell off!
I ran as I held my arms out ready to try and catch her. Her body looked weightless as her dress blew around her. Time appeared to slow down as I watched her fall.
A single drop of sweat ran down my face at a snails pace. Each step I took felt like hours. The wires above danced maniacally, as if laughing at the falling girl. All sound ceased. It was dead silent.
Inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter, she came closer to me. Her back was facing me, so I couldn't see her face. I could only imagine that she was shocked. That's what I would look like if I was falling.
Her hair flew up into her face, probably blinding her eyes. Each ripple on her dress moved like a wave around her petite body. Her dress almost melted in with the sky, leaving only a head and limbs for me to catch.
She was now right on top of me. In any second, I would catch her. But what if I drop her? Do I have enough strength to grab her? What if she falls through my arms and lands on the ground. Would she die? From that height, I believe that she would die. This isn't good. I didn't think this all the way through. In a matter of milliseconds, she would land in my arms. There was nothing else I could do at this point. All I could do now was to hope that I catch her.
She landed in my arms. From the force of her falling I fell backwards. I laid on the ground, staring up at the wires and the clouds as she sat on my stomach. All the air that was in my lungs had escaped. My heart was pounding against my chest, trying to break free from its cage. Drops of sweat fell off my face and onto the blades of grass.
Once I started to breath again, it was very heavy, like I had just took my first breath after swimming underwater for too long.
After a minute of silence, she finally got off of me and dusted herself off as I continued to lay on the grass.
“Well,” she said, “that was fun. Are you alright down there?”
I didn't answer her. I would have liked to, but I was too tired from all the excitement to say anything.
“I want to do that again.”
I jumped onto my feet and grabbed her by the shoulders. Tears began to swell in the corner of my eyes.
“Never do something t-that dangerous again!”
Shocked from my desperation, her smiling face dissolved into a frown.
“Okay! Okay! I won't do that again, alright?”
I fell to my knees.
“Are you alright?” she asked, kneeling down beside me.
“I'm fine. J-just let me rest for a little while.”
She sat down behind me, leaning her back to mine.
“It was still quite the sight. You should have seen it. I could probably see to the ends of the world.”
I didn't say anything.
“Though it was just grass stretching all over the place and the towers kept going and going. This trip is going to take longer than I thought.”
I didn't say anything.
“Let's call it a day and get some sleep.”
I nodded, but I don't think she saw it.
The sun finally sank into the skyline. Replacing it was a bright full moon along with many stars surrounding it. Everything looked as if it was glowing.
I held out my hand. It too was glowing under the moonlight.


“Amazing!” we both said in sync.
On the other side of a tall hill was a field of red and blue flowers. After having been accustomed to the endless field of grass, it was delightful to see something else for a change.
“Look at all of them!” she said.
“Mm!” I nodded back.
She dashed down the hill, racing through the flowers.
“W-wait for me!” I cried, trying to catch up to her.
Instead of slowing down for me, she went faster, spinning in circles as she gazed down at the flowers that surrounded her. After having spun around so much, she fell backwards onto the ground, dizzily staring up at the clouds. By the time I caught up to her, she had already recovered.
“It's so beautiful,” I said.
I looked over at her, who blankly stared at me.
“What is it?” I asked.
No response.
She wasn't doing anything. I started to grow worried. Was she not feeling well? I'm not sure if I could do anything to help her if she was.
“Are you alri-”
She jumped at me, wrapping her arm around me and forced me to the ground. That caught me by surprise. My heart raced from her sudden attack.
“W-what was that for?”
“Ha ha ha ha!”
She didn't answer. All she did was laugh. Her laughing was contagious as I too started to giggle shortly after. We roared with laughter as we rolled around on the bed of flowers.
“Why are we laughing?” I asked.
“Because it's amazing!”
I see, I thought to myself. That made sense. What we are experiencing is amazing, so we are laughing with joy. This is what someone would do in a situation like this. It took her to make me realize that.
Her laughter came to a halt as she stared off into space.
She pointed her finger towards the wires that hanged from the towers. When I followed her finger, I noticed what she was looking at.
A wire had been snapped. Dangling from one of the towers was a loose wire moving with the wind. It looked as if it was a large snake dangling from a tree. What could have caused it to snap?
“I'm going to check it out.”
She stood up and ran towards the wire.
“Wait for m-”
“Just stay there for a second.”
Just as she instructed, I stayed where I was, sitting on top of the flowers.
She ran up to the wire and held it in her hand. After inspecting the cut, she tried pulling the wire off of the tower. It wouldn't come off.
“This is weird,” she said, scratching the back of her head.
“What's weird?”
“Looks like it was cut. Come here and I'll show you.”
I walked up to her as told.
She handed me the broken end of the wire.
“You see how smooth the broken end of the wire is? That's because it was cut by something.”
She's right.
“I wonder what could have cut it.”
We looked around, thinking we could find what had caused the cut. There wasn't a single thing in sight that could have cut the wire, let alone such a clean cut.
She wandered away from me.
In my hand, I held the wire. It's rubber coating was slick, but looked very thin when looking at the tip of the wire. Peeling back the rubber coat, I marveled at the inside.
The inside was made with a shiny metal, but the metal was easily bendable. Picking at it, the wire began to break apart into many strands.
So they're multiple strands wrapped together to form one giant wire.
But why did they need to make one giant wire out of hundreds of smaller ones? Was it so it would be stronger? I guess that could be the case, but I doubt it for some reason. Maybe they are used...
I felt a tap on my shoulder.
Behind me was her, holding a blue flower.
“Let's not worry about it.”
She gently placed the flower in my hair.
“You look cute.”
I touched the flower. It was silky and really flimsy, so I couldn't put much pressure on it. For some reason, this made me feel happy. Picking up a red flower off the ground, I placed it in her hair like she did for me.
“Why did you do that?” she asked.
“I was thinking it'd be weird for me to have a flower in my hair and not one in yours. Now we're more identical to one another.”
A smile grew on her face, which turned into laughter.
“W-why are you laughing?”
“A ha. I find it funny that you placed the flower in my hair because of that.”
“Because of what?”
“Just to make sure we keep looking identical to one another.”
As she started to walk away laughing, I stood there puzzled. Before long, she was quite a distance away from me.
“Hey! Wait up!” I yelled.
“I'm not slowing down for you!”


Later in our travels, we came upon another cut wire. However, unlike the one before it, there was something shooting out of it. It looked like little specs of light. Before I was able to examine it, she stopped me, saying it was probably dangerous. The wire cracked and popped as the light shot out, so I could understand why she would think it was dangerous.
Probably a good thing I didn't touch it.
A strange thing I had noticed was that there were only two wires in the sky now. Of course, two wires had been cut, but there wasn't anymore wire from where the cut was. It seemed as if someone had cut the wire and took the remaining wire with them. Who would want a long wire like these? Especially one that was making popping noises.


The sky grew dark. Instead of the usual cotton white clouds that towered into the sky, there was a blanket of gray.
“Do you think it's going to rain?” I asked.
“I dunno.”
Strong winds made it hard to keep walking forward. We fought against each strong gust, struggling to keep our balance.
“Do you think we should stop for a bit and wait for the storm pass?”
With that, we continued on.
The wires in the sky shook violently. I thought that maybe that was how the other two wires were cut, but then I remembered they were cut cleanly, so strong winds couldn't have done it.
A red flower flew by my eyes. Quickly, she turned around and tried to reach for it, but the flower had quickly flown into the sky. Instead of running after it, she slowly lowered her hand. For a second, I thought I saw tears in the corner of her eyes, but it was too hard to tell from just a quick glance.
“Let's go,” she said.
I could tell that she was upset about the flower, but there was nothing we could do about it.
“Do you want my flower?”
“No. I gave that to you, so you should keep it. Besides, it matches with your dress better.”
She refused it, so I didn't bother asking again.
Neither of us spoke another word after that.
Small droplets of water began to fall from the sky. Their numbers grew until it became a downpour. With the rain blocking our view, it was really hard to see where we were going. I thought about asking her if we could take shelter, but then I remembered that there isn't anywhere for us to hide from the rain anyway. All we could do was keep going, hoping that we would reach our destination soon.
I slipped on the wet grass and fell, dragging her down with me. It really hurt landing on the ground.
She pushed herself up and lent me a hand. After she helped me up, we kept walking, following the dark silhouette of the towers as a guide. I wanted to say sorry, but the words wouldn't leave my mouth. My body must have known that they would have fallen upon deaf ears.
We continued on.


Standing in front of us was a giant tower. However, unlike the others during our journey, there wasn't another tower beyond it. Nor were their wires that extended beyond it. Instead was an ocean that stretched out as far as I could see.
“Did we make it to the end?” I asked.
“I guess. There isn't anymore wire to follow.”
Indeed, there was no more land for us to traverse. We had reached a dead end. What to do now was beyond us.
“Maybe we should swim across?”
I shook my head in disagreement.
“I don't know how to swim,” I said.
“Well that's a problem. We have no where else to go. Do we just stay here or do we go back?”
Since we couldn't go forward, the only direction we could go was the way we came. Personally, I didn't want to go back.
She sat down on the beach, resting her head on her hand.
The ocean waves crashed onto the shore. Grains of sand were washed off the beach and into the ocean's body. Stepping out into the water, a small wave washed around my ankles. The cold water caused my spine to shiver.
“It's cold.”
She continued to watch from the beach as I played in the water, splashing it into the air. Droplets of water soared off my hand and hovered in the sky. Inside the droplets of water was my reflection. I wore a smile on my face, I noticed. Each drop of water fell back into the ocean, returning to its original home.
“Are you having fun?” she asked.
I nodded.
“Come out here and join me!”
As she ran to me, she kicked water up in the air. The two of us splashed water on one another.
I stopped. Something stung my eye.
“Are you alright?” I heard her say, but I couldn't see because my hands were in my eyes.
“My eye hurts,” I replied.
I felt her gentle arms wrap around me.
“Let's get out of the water for now.”
She and I walked back onto the beach and onto the grass plain. We sat down side by side, facing towards the ocean. Her hand rubbed against my back as I continued to rub my eye. Once my eye felt better, I put my hands down.
“Your eye is red,” she said.
I didn't reply.
“Do you want to take a nap?”
“Nnn-nnn” I moaned as I shook my head.
The two of us fell silent. There was nothing for either of us to say to each other. Nothing to talk about. Nothing to speak of. Nothing to tell.


The sun had started to set into the ocean. The two of us were still watching the ocean from the grassy plain. Neither of us had spoken a word since earlier that day. It grew cooler with each passing moment.
I had a dream as I watched the ocean. In this dream, I was with her. Mom and Dad were very caring and loved to make us laugh. We had many friends that we would play with from time to time at our house. But I wonder: Did I know them? Or is it perhaps that I have yet to meet them?
I see.
I get it now. I know where we are. I know where we are going. This place was only a stepping stone.
“I love you,” she said after our long moment of silence.
“Me too,” I replied.
I slowly placed my head onto her lap and stared out into the ocean. Her soft fingers began to comb my hair.
A soft whistle blew into my ear with every gust of wind. The grass around us danced as the ocean continued its violent roar.
All I could think about was how much I love her.
“This trip was fun,” I said.
But she didn't answer. Instead, she began to hum a song. This song was something I heard before, I remembered. It was a song that came from the sky above. She hummed the song just as beautiful as the other who had hummed it before.
“I figured something out,” I said.
She did not answer. Instead, she continued to hum.
“I know where we are and where we are going.”
Her hand continued to stroke my hair.
“We made it.”
“I know.”
The two of us stood up, gripping each others hand in our own. The sky grew white, engulfing the gentle clouds. The ocean in front of us grew smaller and smaller until it was nonexistent. The grass field around us vanished into nothing. All that was left in this world was us two, the two wires, and the towers that held them high into the air.
She and I faced each other, our eyes meeting each others glance. She grabbed my other hand and placed it over her heart.
“I'll see you soon,” she said.
I nodded.
We turned our gazes to the wires that hanged above us.
A wire snapped in half, both sides falling to the ground. Each side landed with a loud thud, echoing into nothingness.
I stood there, my hands holding onto nothing.
I was alone. There was nothing left in this world for me. I looked at my wire that swayed back and forth.
A bright light blinded my eyes. With a deep breath, I greeted the world.


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