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2nd Annual Global Shinkai Day 2010 - Info and Schedule

2nd Annual Global Shinkai Day - Koko ni iro yo!


We're back for another year to celebrate the works of Makoto Shinkai!  In conjunction with CoMix Wave Films and CrnchyRoll, we'll spend 48 hours watching Shinkai's films, chatting during the movies and having discussions and contests along the way. We hope you will be able to drop in and join the party/conversation.

We've added a few wrinkles this year ... Cherry Blossoms Falling will have a Shoutcast channel available during the event if you plan on listening or joining in to the conversation. This year's contest prizes are autographed 5CM Per Second movie posters.

All you need is an internet connection to view the films on or access to Mr Shinkai's works. You can watch the films on CrunchyRoll at any time during the 48 hours or join one of our scheduled viewing groups -- what's more fun than watching films with friends? We'll publish a schedule of when we'd expect folks to be watching certain films and we will have a forum and chat room available for people to share their feedback on the films and Shinkai.


The event will take place starting March 5th 8:00 PM (-5 UTC) through the 7th 8:00 PM (-5 UTC).

Schedule of Events:

We will run 8 X 6 hour loops through the films of Shinkai-san. The Schedule for the first loop is below and the starting time or all other loops follows.

        Introductions and Opening statements: 8 PM UTC -5
        She and her Cat (Sub): 8:15 PM TO 8:30 PM UTC -5
        Voice of a Distant Star (Sub): 9:00 TO 9:30 PM UTC -5
        A Place Promised ... (Sub): 10:00 PM TO 11:30 PM UTC -5  
        5 CM Per Second (Sub): 12:00 AM TO 1:00 AM UTC -5  

        Loop 2 starts: 2:00 AM UTC-5
        Loop 3 starts: 8:00 AM UTC -5
        Loop 4 starts: 2:00 PM UTC -5

Day 2:
        Loop 1 starts: 8:00 PM UTC-5
        Loop 2 starts: 2:00 AM UTC-5
        Loop 3 starts: 8:00 AM UTC -5
        Loop 4 starts: 2:00 PM UTC -5

        CLOSING COMMENTS: 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM UTC -5- 3/7/10

There will be plenty of time between films and groups of films for discussions and for voting and contests (and bathroom breaks).


On the Internet silly ... go to and definitely stop by If you have any questions, please contact me ( ).


Why not ? I've met many new friends from all over the world that appreciate Mr. Shinkai's films. I've attended several Cons where the showings of his films packed rooms of all sizes. Mr. Shinkai's works are amazing and we definitely should help spread the love for Mr Shinkai.

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