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Book of Paintings coming out in April

From Daike's site ...

His First Book of Paintings "Sora no Kioku" Release Information
No: 301 / Category: Hot News / Date: 2008/03/26(Wed) 00:34:22 JST
Manga magazine Afternoon May issue says Kodansha will release the book of paintings "Sora no Kioku (Memories of the Sky)" on April 25th.

According to the ad page, the book includes 427 background arts taken from Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, 5 Centimeters per Second, and TVCF for a newspaper company Shinano Mainichi Shimbun.

Its list price is 2800 JPY.

Scan of the ad page:

Sounds wonderful. Something I cannot have. Sad

I wonder how difficult it is to become a Japanese citizen and live there permanently...

Hard, you can not be a citizen any where else in the world for one. In other words if you went back to Australia you would no longer be a citizen.

And again from what I hear it's hard to get most jobs, usually your choice of jobs is limited.

This is something i'm definately planning to import. I've been wondering if a Shinkai artbook had been released and here is the news to confirm it. I'm very excited!

I will be importing this as well I will be  inspired by his paintings even more so. There in front of me, in a book, that's 456 pages -or at least something like that- long!

Will be unable to read but oh well  Rolling Eyes

His paintings are absolutely stunning. My favourite examples of his art are in the first half of Place Promised. The green landscapes he shows, I think, are wonderfull.

I sent an mail to Daike, who runs the Japanese board, but haven't heard anything back yet. If anyone knows how someone can order one of these books, please post a link ^-^

I haven't heard of anything about pre-ordering yet.

Your best bet would probably be but i've been looking on the site and i can't find it. Hopefully it'll be up for pre-order soon.

Daike-san sent me the folllowing ...

I have found only two online shops which will sell it. But
I'm not sure they would accept order from overseas. (And,
the sites are written only in Japanese.) does
not list the book yet.


Guess I need to start translating Japanese Smile

Daike's site recently posted this link to ...

I've ordered my copy ... can't wait for it to get here.


I did a quick google search and came up with a site that has the book and accepts overseas orders. However, there is a note for US customers, that delivery might be delayed due to customs inspection.

Here's the link:

I had also tried, but their site is so hard to navigate and it wouldn't show anything whenever I narrowed the search for "shinkai makoto."

OK, Laz. You beat me to it.

I got a confirmation email that my order has shipped and it's going fedEx ... so hopefully by the end of the week it will be here Smile

I can't wait Smile

Oh how pissed off i am!!
I finally was about to order the book of HMV Japan but all my putting off preordering it has now left the book out of stock and i can't get it yet *cries*
Amazon it costs £30 including postage and i dont want to pay that much for it.

Are you ordering from ?

I just got my book in the mail today and it is very cool.

The book is broken down into sections that cover ...

5 CM per second (about 104 pages)
† † Hometown - The street where they meet Chobi, the school
† † Railway - Pictures of the trains and the stations that Takaki takes to meet †Akari
† † Rencounter - The meeting of Takaki and Akari at the end of Episode 1 and pictures of Episode 2 and Episode 3.

A Place Promised ... ( 34 pages)
† † ... General pictures
† † Laboratory - Pictures of Sayuri in the Lab

Voices of a Distant Star (11 pages)
† † From Here to Eternity - General pictures from the film

Shinano Mainichi Shimbun Television Commercial (4 pages)

4-5 pages that show how the pictures are layered and assembled to create some of the classic images (Takaki an Akari with Chobi)

What looks like 10 pages of interviews with either voice actors/actresses or interviews with Shinkai's team of artists.

My Impression: Very cool book. I would love this to be a larger sized "coffee table" type book with glossier pictures ... some of these images really deserve a larger page with a higher quality presentation.

The book cost about $60 US.

I might do...

How many pictures are on each page? I mean, like, on average. Is there one or two? Or are they each a full page?

It depends ... sometimes a couple sometimes only one. I tried to take a few pics of some of the pages in the book. I'll post those tomorrow so you can get a sense of the size of the book and the picture.


Please do haha!

Here are some pics I took of the book of paintings .... Sorry for the glare ...


Ahhh beautiful!

Thank you Laz for showing. Smile

I got my copy through (cost around £40 with shipping >.<) and luckily it arrived a day or so before Shinkai's appearance at the BFI Anime event last year... and how gutted was I to see that the BFI Shop had ordered in a batch of the books to tie in with the screening of 5cm and Place Promised... and were selling them for about £25 >.<

Ah well... at least I was able to get it signed by the man himself. ^_^

Such a pity though that the publishers didn't take the opportunity to make the book larger, that gorgeous artwork deserved to be much bigger - a couple of friends and I were contemplating buying 2 copies so one could be 'converted' into framed pictures to hang on the wall, but the small size of the book meant that wasn't really feasible *sigh*.

Hey Duo,

That's awesome that you got to meet him.


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