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Call out for any Web and Graphics Designers

Hey all,

One thing this site always needed as a good front site to put out information about the latest Shinkai-related event or news and an organized way to link to the great reviews and analysis out on the web and to post the great essays (like those by AT and gleowine, for example).  

Now, I can build this site; the problem is that I am not a very good designer (at least, I don't think so).  I feel a Makoto Shinkai site needs to look good; better than my own design abilities, IMO.  This is where you graphics types come into play.

What I'd like to see is someone come up with a website design.  It could just be a graphic image that I can cut up into a site, but preferably, I'd like to get them in HTML /w images (and CSS, if you need.  Actually, I prefer CSS layouts over table layouts, but not requiring it) format.  If I get enough designs, I'd probably host them on my website and put up a poll to get people's reactions on their favorite designs.

If you have any questions or comment, I'd prefer you'd ask here in the thread, but feel free to PM me.  If you actually have a submission in mind, please PM me so we can discuss how to get it to me.


One suggestion I'd make for the redo is that you give the chat and forum separate pages for loading. Also, maybe move the other widgets off the forum pages and confine them to the main page. This site is one of only a few that invariably crash my browser, because of all the stuff that has to load on each page.

This is something I do plan on doing, to a degree.  Ideally, I'd like to see if I can pull the latest chats from ChatNGo and put them up via PHP with a link to go to the window on each page, without having to load the flash widget, but I'll have to see when we get to that point.

As it is, I'm mainly looking more fo the look and feel of the site as a whole rather than any specific decisions, but suggestion like these can work too.

Le me look around a little bit. It might be good if people can provide some links to some of the sites that they like the look and feel of .. that way we can get an idea.


Well, to start off, one idea is something similar to Anime News Network's 5 cm/s theme that I posted a while back about.  Here's the screenshot:

Don't have to take the idea directly, but we could incorporate elements of the design.

Yes...I would like to see...something, like that...light colours, with a good makoto wallpaper (?)...with clean look, almoust minimal...(I'm not sure what is the english word for this... minimalism (?))

Also, would like to see, something  (A small box (or what)) with news...If possible Makoto related (the problem is the amount of Makoto news)...but also with news related to Anime, games etc...

And why not something...from the most anime advise Anime to see (new and old) could be a weekly or monthly link or page...with rating? (maybe it's to much)...just a thought.

Also...making something with the topic posts...I think they could be less, this will help the main log in speed

Zitch, if you need any kind of help making this, my brother-in-law (and already spoke with him) job is making internet pages. He said that need some sort of layout to understand what you guys had in mind.

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