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Makoto Shinkai in England

Hey Folks,

I got an email from a person working with BFI Southbank for an anime film festival in June (20-22). The films being presented include "5 CM per Second" followed by an interview session with Mr. Shinkai !!!!!!!! Other films include "A Place Promised ...", "Paprika", "Tekkonkinkreet".

Here is the email I recieved ..

I notice that you run a site for Makoto Shinkai and just wanted to let you know about an event that we are hosting here at BFI Southbank in June. We have a 3 day Anime weekend, mainly featuring anime from the last couple of years. Our main event will be a screening of 5 Centimetres per Second followed by an onstage interview with Makoto Shinkai in person.

I am enclosing a PDF with the info about the weekend on it. Tickets are on sale from monday by calling 0207928 3232 or from

I'd be grateful if you could let people on your site know.

Many Thanks


I have a PDF with more information. If any of you are interested, let me know and I'll send you a copy.

Also ... any of you live in the UK ? I am contemplating making a flight over for this.

Anyway .. if you're anywhere close to this event, you should check it out.


I live not too far away from London~ but because i'm only 16 i doubt i'll be able to get down there. I found out about this not long ago, and i was sooo pissed  Mad
I'd like the PDF though!

Laz, I would also fly over to the UK for this if I could but unfortunately, Australia is almost on the other side of the world. =(

I have a feeling Shinkai will do doing animation work in England at some point or another.

I think you're right, Menasha. There seems to be about a 2 year gap between works.

Hey Maltos ... sending you the PDF shortly.

Junpei ... c'mon ... it's only a short trip Smile


Yes a short trip

"Around the world around the world! Around the world around the world! Around the world around the world!"

Haha, you got my first smile of the day Laz.

yay! i booked my ticket for the event tonight  Very Happy
cant wait!!!
managed to get the last front row seat

Its worth comin over for the event plus u could make a short holiday weekend out of it to

Very HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery Happy

Hey Darbice ... welcome to the Forums!

It's awesome that you're going. I nominate you as the official correspondent for the forum Smile

I'd love to make a trip over there ... but I'm probably not going to make it. I'm totally jealous that you're going though. That's awesome!


Welcome Darbice.

I'm also jealous of you being able to see the films haha. Laz, I thought you were going? Aw what a let down.

Yeah ... I thought about it but I'm heading to Chicago the week after that and it's going to cost me a good bit of money. Hopefully Shinkai will make his way to the US soon.

Well the US is a big place... If so, where do you say he'll go?

I could definitely see Shinkai making his way to one of the big anime conventions here .... possibly in california on his way back to Japan. I'd love it if he came to Otakon, since thats about a mile from where I live Smile


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