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Manga version of 5 CM Per Second ....

Looks like the same person who did the other Shinkai manga versions. Cool.


The first 5cm manga book was released yesterday by Kodansha. You can read a part of the first chapter here.
You're going to need this IE/Firefox/Safari plugin to view the manga.

Anyway, the manga looks promising, with more detailed story than the movie. Also the backgrounds and character design are great (especially Akari is really cute in this version).
And by the way, according to the manga, the name Chobi comes from "chobi-hige" which is a "small moustache". Wink

And here I am running Chromium on Linux as my main browser... Sad

Well, I do have Windows XP in VirtualBox for these occasions. Or even the Mac OS X in VirtualBox might work too... Wink

Gonna take more than a plugin before I can actually read it though with my understanding of Japanese and all (as in, lacking).

Well there's bound to be a scanslation sooner or later Wink .

Anyway I might try to translate it if you're interested. There are even ten more pages visible only to registered users...

I can't see the actual pages, but the cover looks great to me. Very Happy The color palette is really sweet. I remember reading the Voices manga ages ago and I loved it, so here's hoping this one will be just as good.


It's been a while. How have you been?


Laz!! Very Happy It's been a while indeed, and I know I haven't been here in ages *smacks self* But time passes just too quickly lately what with my studies, and stuff just escapes me.

What's the forum been up to lately? Did you get to go to Japan again, Laz? I just stumbled on the 5cm soundtrack today and got all nostalgic, so this weekend will be dedicated to the movies. Who's up for a marathon?

Hey Janny,

if you haven't seen the trailer yet for the new movie, definitely check it out. I need to get in touch with Vince and the folks at CoMixWave to see if they want to coordinate again. I've been slack Sad

Good to see you back!

The scanillation of this manga finally came on one of the sites I frequent.

I guess I'll break this review into different things ..

The art is ok ...

The story was ok ... I didn't really like this interpretation of the movie.

I didn't like the translation much ... calling Chobi "moustache" seemed kinda lame.

Not that all impressed. We'll see about the second and third installements of the mange.

What did you think?


I also read the Chapter 4 and 5 of the scanlation. The art quality was above average, not fantastic but decent.  The translation was passable, it felt like a rough draft rather than a finished translation; I understood most of the story but that was probably because I had watched the film beforehand.  
I felt the transition from the silver screen to print was not that effective. I thought that the movie's biggest strengths were the art, the scene composition and the voice acting. Much of this was lost when the movie was turned into a manga. Scenes such as when Kanae launches the paper plane into the sky or when Takaki daydreams about Akari are no where near as emotional or beautiful as they were in the film.  

The addition of new scenes felt consistent with the tone of the film although unnecessary to the overall plot. A few of the new scenes were well done but most of them felt like filler. 5 Centimeters Per Second is not the type of film that would be easy to adapt to manga but I thought the mangaka did a decent job.

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