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New link (Makoto fans's group from china)
This is a small group from china which all like Makoto Shinkai ! welcome to . Very Happy
ps:we have put your link in our site already   Very Happy

Hi Kasan!

Welcome ... I checked out your site and it looks very cool.

Glad to find more Shinkai fans in the world Smile


Cool site! Looks like you've got some competition Laz Razz

I love the use of all those images from Shinkai's works. I think it's a really fantastic idea to have a picture for each forum area and that changing animated image on the left under the banner is really cool.

I'd love to see some more pictures around our new English site. What do you think, Laz?

e Confused ……We just want make friends with Shinkin fans aroud the world   ……
We thought that the people like Makoto may have something  similar in some ways  Smile

Hey Nick,

Yep ... more images will definitely be something that you'll see on the new site. I should have a much better ability to customize the new site. Any and all suggestion are welcome Smile


Wow, amazing site. Only downfall is that it is in Chinese only.

Kasan ....

I really like the images you have for the threads ...I may have to snag some of those and use that idea here Smile


back here agian
i'm also from china
one of
i'm wondering if some one will notice this post.
and i have an idea about create a group
which holds all shinkai fans from every place, country....
so, if u see this post and get a same idea
just connect me.
MSN: (after 10:00pm or 12:30am - 1:20am)
QQ(if u know this...):398483406
call me sai

Hey Sai .... got your email and responded today.

Definitely interested ... lets discuss via email or IM.


sorry for the time timable
12 hours difference..........

so just add 12 hours or minus 12 hs....

time difference...

I was looking around on Google today and noticed that they have a translator. So I used it to translate to English, and it came out quite well. Unless someone can find a better web translator, I think the Google one is worth trying out.

Oh, the address:

It also translates any links you click on. Check it out.

I had a little fun and tried this.

Cherry Blossoms Falling in Chinese

A fair trade, don't you think? Unfortunately, as you can see, the chatango posts only show up in English.

Awesome, very cool Very Happy

Thanks, I'll show to my kid, that I can write in chinese Laughing  Laughing

Wow, Isua! You must have taken the short course. I'm still trying to figure out kanji.  Laughing

Oh, BTW. There are some bugs in the translator. "Voices of a Distant Star" comes out as "Oh Dried Herring." (I seem to remember someone mentioning this before.)

Using the translator, I was exploring the Chinese site. I couldn't tell if they had any of their short films up, though I found two from last year. "Eyes" was kind of weird, but funny. "Girls Do Not Cry" - I'm not sure if this was an actual film made by one of the members or just a trailer for an anime. It was gorgeous. The poster said he had been working with some others on it, but I'm not sure if he meant the video shown on the site or the full version. Does anyone know about this?

I did a search for free online web translators and came up with a few that seem to work fairly well. I used Makoto's personal site as a test. You can click on the links to see the results. In the end, I would not recommend any of these, other than for giving a quick and easy glance at the page's contents.

Makoto Shinkai's personal web site (original Japanese)

Web Translators

Altavista's (aka Yahoo's) Babel Fish kept giving an error message with no translation.

Google's Translate seems to give the best overall translation, even translating sub-pages. ("Voices of a Distant Star" = "Oh Dried Herring")

World Lingo translates part of the way, then gives an "End of Translation" icon that you have to click to get more of the page translated. ("Voices of a Distant Star" = "Desired Exceeding")

Windows Live Translator gives alternate views of both original and translation, but it does not do sub-pages.

Rikai does not give a full-page translation, but you can move the mouse cursor over individual words to get a pop-up dictionary translation.

I'm starting Chinese at university in a couple of weeks! I'm excited but apprehensive.

You can definitely practice with Sai and the other Chinese Shinkai fans Smile


Yeah I can't wait!

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