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space elevator love story
Manga UK Article
Daike's Shinkai Fan Site ending ...
The latest on the US Distributor for the new film ...
Shinkai's Hoshi o Ou Kodomo Licensed in North America
Makoto Shinkai at Otakon 2011
CoMix Wave Looking for Art Interns ...
Official CoMix Wave Films / Makoto Shinkai Facebook Page
Best golf driver review
Advanced performance of Titleist iron
GSD 2011 Banners and links ....
New Shinkai film to get manga treatment this April ...
Latest Press Release from Crunchy Roll
Manga version of 5 CM Per Second ....
Makoto Shinkai x Tenmon 10th Anniversary Orchestral Album
Shinkai Blog from 8/21/09
Links to myspace
Non-specific News
Call out for any Web and Graphics Designers
Shinkai fan Listing
Deviant Art Fan Site
Shinkai's blog December 28, 2008 update Link
Our Link on Wikipedia
Shinkai blog translation 2008/10/13 update
Latest Shinkai Blog Entries
Non-Shinkai related Sites/Links
Shinkai Film Post and comments on Danny Choo
Site Suggestions
New link (Makoto fans's group from china)
Blu Ray selling well in Japan
Any news?
Makoto Shinkai in England
5 Cm Per Second Review by Viga The Otigal
Info on this forum
Book of Paintings coming out in April
Other Shinkai Related Sites
Shinkai Related Links
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