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Here is the official Cherry Blossoms Falling Press Release ... Feel free to spread the word.


Fans of the Japanese anime creator Makoto Shinkai are gathering worldwide in cyberspace March 5th-7th for the Second Annual Global Shinkai Day 2010. The Makoto Shinkai fan site Cherry Blossoms Falling, is celebrating the event with contests, forum discussions and a live Shoutcast. Cherry Blossoms Falling is calling upon fans from every part of the globe to show their appreciation and support for the works of this highly acclaimed director. Contests will be held for inspired fan-made works in art, AMV, film and essay. This year’s prizes are Makoto Shinkai autographed movie posters from his most recent film, 5 Centimeters Per Second. will be hosting the films for free, for a 48-hour period beginning on March 5th at 5pm PST.

For further information and a schedule of events please check out Cherry Blossoms Falling or contact Laz Long for more information.

We've sent this to the following outlets...

I think that's supposed to be 48-hour...  Wink

Anyways, ANN has it up already, and I've posted it up on my blog with a small blurb.

Yeah ... unfortunately, the 24 hour vs. 48 hour thing was "uncertain" at the time I started sending out press releases. I've made the fixes on the stuff here and I'll update future Press Releases.


Oh, I had posted both Crunchyroll's and your press release to the Makoto Shinkai Appreciators group on Facebook, so you might start seeing some activity coming from there.  I also posted about GSD2010 on the AnimeNFO forums and they may put up a news post on the front page.

I was a little slow in getting to this, but sent the release to

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