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Shinkai Blog from 8/21/09

Thanks to Sai for the translation ...

■It has been a long time since my last update(post). I am busy preparing my new work these days, and my life seems to be messed up. In most of my dreams, I dreamed about drawing something with my pencil sometimes. And i didnt reply most mail i received. I am really sorry about that.

■Three monthes have past since i moved my home. My new home is near a park called "Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden", i can see lots kind of insects nearby such as butterflies, dragonflies, cockchafers, zyzzyvas, lucanidaes, longhorned beetles, mantis and spiders. Once i saw a cat(palm civet) walking in the thick wire, that's really amazing, really can not believe that! I guess she(the cat) must be living in the garden, and she just came out for food. Every time i saw all these, i feel relaxed.

■Oh yes, "Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden" is a "Kokumin Kouen", the garden is admission by ticket only(200 JPY/Per Adult). Just because of this, there are only a few people in the garden in weekdays. And what's more, there are all kind of plants. I think this garden is much more interesting than "Meiji Shrine" or "Yoyogi Park". I guess it can be very crowded when the cherry blossoms, but it's really a wonderful place to have a walk in weekdays.

■I really want to give you some news about my new work, but it's not the time, i am not ready and the work is still in progress. So this update(post) truns into an "AD" for "Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden". The photo there is my neighbor's maple leaf from my room. I am looking forward very much to the time when maple leafs truns red.

Nice... thanks Very Happy

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