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hello there. i never had any intention of joining until i clicked the link that one of the posters had which showed a collection of shinkai's animations on youtube. he stated that the forums werent very active yet, and that made me sad.  so thought ive been coming here for quite a long time, i finally decided to join.

i first saw voices of a distant star after renting it from blockbuster and loved the simplicity it could retain while still exhibiting such emotion.  place promised is my favourite work by him.  i always recognize more things with each viewing than the time before. it also has one of the only good english dubs i've ever heard.

i just completed a short film and am sorry i wasnt around to post it in the contest (or was it animated only) never mattter, id like to discuss his works here on this forum and i hope it continues to grow

Hi homEsick, welcome to the Forums Smile

I have the same feeling about Place Promised ... every time I watch it I pick up different things or have a new view on the film.

Make yourself at home Smile


       Makoto Shinkai English Fan Forum and Site Forum Index -> Introductions
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