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Suggestions for next year ... feedback ...

Hi Folks,

If you have suggestions for how we can make Global Shinkai Day 3 even better than the first two, I'd love to hear your suggestions. Please give us some feedback on your experience and how we can improve things Smile

If there's anything that we can pass along to CrunchyRoll, please let us know that as well.


The one thing that works for me is knowing that others are watching with me. If it were just me, I'd just watch them once through and that'd be it. Maybe if there were some way to let everyone know that others are watching, that would help, I think. Like saying, "if you're watching ___ now, give a shout."

Even so, I prefer the 24-hour format to the 48-hour one. One full day is enough for me.

I Actually Like the two day thing, but, I think it would be a great idea to start one day at the 8:00 est time (-5 GMT) like this years, but for the next day to start it off at another time for people who can't make it to the other day because of things like . . . sleep or work or what not.

Also, if there as a away to advertise even more and get more people onto the teamspeak and listening on to us that'd be pretty sweet.

This year's GLobal shinkai day was pretty great Smile

I know we're largely dedicated to Shinkai and his works but instead of doing the same thing each year for our contests (create a work inspired by Shinkai), not that I dislike it or anything, having a different theme evey year would be fun.

**** That's a good idea ... contests around a theme for each event. We can use the Tag Line as the theme. next year's tag line is "Welcome back ... ".

Sorry everyone, looks like I missed GSD this year.
I've just begun my tertiary studies at university, and I'm trying to keep on top of the mounting pile of textbooks and tutorial questions on my desk.
There's always next time I guess.

For the image contest if there is one, I suggest hot linking the images above the links **** Tried this as well ... some of them would not come up. We'll figure it out for next year. I agree.

I enjoyed Zitch being there to chat it up with alot, don't think I would of enjoyed it as much if he wasnt around. So I'd like more discussion next year on team speak. Very Happy

See if animenewsnetwork would give a shout out for shinkai day *** They did for this year, as well as several other news outlets.

Lol not sure what Shinkai's english is like, but perhapse try and organize some sort of online Q/A session with the man him self? That would require some formal planning though. But I'm sure people would dig that. *** I tried to do something like this for this year but I didn't get much/any response from CoMix Wave. We'll bring it up again next year.

Thanks for the feedback Dylan.ea!

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