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TENMON CD "Promise"

Just got note of this from xcomp:

Basically, it looks like 13 of TENMON's soundtrack will be played and recorded by the Australia-based Eminence Symphony Orchestra.  Here's the track list:
  1. One More Chance, One More Time (Instrumental)
  2. Omoide wa Tooku no Hibi [Memories are Distant Days]
  3. Kanae no Kimochi [Kanae's Feelings]
  4. The Place Promised in Our Early Days Theme
  5. Futari no Keikaku / Kibou to Akogare [Their Plan / Hope and Aspiration]
  6. Sayuri
  7. The Place Promised in Our Early Days Theme (Piano Version)
  8. Futari no Kattou [Their Differences]
  9. Kimi no Koe (Instrumental) [Your Voice]
 10. Through the Years and Far Away
 11. Mikako kara no Tayori [News from Mikako]
 12. She and Her Cat Theme
 13. Bonus Track – She and Her Cat Theme (Piano Version)

Well, I've made use of this phrase for other things, but it definitely applies here: DO WANT!

Direct link to the announcement page (in Japanese):


Very nice quintet rendition of the theme that plays over the climactic scene of The Place Promised!

More links about the Promise image soundtrack:

Side note update: I wonder if we should have a forum dedicated to TENMON's music?  I mean, we tend to tie him together with Shinkai's work, but he has done projects that Shinkai wasn't a part of like the ef anime series.



I just realized that I don't have a TENMON-themed ringtone on my iPhone.  I need to rectify this.

Great to hear that Tenmon's getting his due. Awesome performance, BTW. Very Happy

As an update, looks like you can pre-order the CD here (Thanks to Maltos for pointing that out).

I'll probably end up pre-ordering myself tonight...

I can't get this one pass Wink

it's on my top list... at least for xmas  Laughing

There's a brief news post about the Promise CD on Shinkai's site. Google's translator didn't help much with putting it into English, but Shinkai seemed to be saying that he hadn't realized that it had been ten years since "Voices", till someone pointed it out, thus the release of the CD to celebrate. That's about all I got.

I picked up the CD in Tokyo ... it was pretty decent ... what do our resident musicians think?


Is there a site in the US for ordering it, yet?

gleowine wrote:
Is there a site in the US for ordering it, yet?

gleowine, you can still order it from CDJapan.  If you do, I would recommend the EMS shipping option.  I ordered last month with the very cheap SAL shipping option (3 USD if I recall correctly) and it still hasn't arrived.  It was shipped exactly a month ago too...

Thanks, Kevin. I'll give it a try and let you know what happens. Hope yours shows up soon.

*face palm*

i didnt see this thread when i went hunting yesterday so i have made a sort of duplicate in the music section, though it does cover more than just the CD. sorry.  Embarassed

but yeah, i have this CD and its brilliant. my favorite quintet playing music from my favorite composer, thats pretty much unbeatable. i also attended "promise legacy" which was a live concert in perth with a full quarter of the line up devoted to songs from promise, that was a truly magical concert.

for those of you interested here is a teaser of promise.

I highly recommend the buying this. its among the best CDs i own. that and eminence's future is currently uncertain due to lack of funds............. ples buy it, i want more concerts Razz

wow. fanfreakintastic springs to mind...
Tracer Racer X

Promise is now on i-tunes

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