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Tenmon, Shinkai and my wedding :)

If you don't know, my wife is a Japanese citizen. The story of how we met begins with a friend of mine mentioning Otakon to me. Otakon is the largest Otaku based Convention on the East Coast of the USA. Anyway ... I had always loved Robotech/Macross and Ghost in the Shell and Akira so  ... sure, what the heck.

When I went to my first Otakon I wandered into the HD film room and right into the middle of the second part of 5 CM per Second. It changed my life. I know that sounds "hokey", but it literally changed my life. It spurred my interest in anime and manga and especially anything Shinkai. It drove me to create this Forum, looking for like-minded folks. One of the things it did was spur my interest in the Japanese language, which in turn led me to look to communicate with Japanese folks which of course led me to my wife.

So, when the time came for my wedding I wanted to work Shinkai somewhere into the event. I found my way via the music. For the hour or so before my wife showed up at the event, I asked the DJ to play the following music.

    Rainy Bus Stop
    Letter from Mikako
    Through the Years and Far Away
    The Plan of Two People
    Distant Promise
    Sayuris MElody
    きみのこえ (Instrumental)
    One more Time, ONe More chance

I wanted the music to be light and upbeat, and I also wanted to touch on music from each of the films. So I started with Voices and ended up with music from the most recent film.

The music I picked to alert the guests that we were ready to begin was ...


which is the music that accompanies Mimi's appearance in the last film.

I want to thank Shinkai and thank Tenmon for making such wonderful music.


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