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Takaki's Train Trip

(March 4, 2010)

View Takaki's Train Trip in a larger map

In honor of Global Shinkai Day 2010, Gleowine decided to drag out his 2009 Google Maps rendition of Takaki Tohno's train trip from 5 Centimeters Per Second. Use the link to see a larger version with street view enabled. Have a Happy Global Shinkai Day!


(March 12th, 2011)

Fans of the Japanese anime creator Makoto Shinkai are gathering worldwide in cyberspace March 12th-13th for the Third Annual Global Shinkai Day 2011. The Makoto Shinkai fan site Cherry Blossoms Falling, is celebrating the event with contests, forum discussions and a live Shoutcast. We will be working in conjunction with who will provide streaming videoCherry Blossoms Falling is calling upon fans from every part of the globe to show their appreciation and support for the works of this highly acclaimed director. Contests will be held for inspired fan-made works in art, AMV, film and essay. This year's prizes are copies of the latest DVD release of 5 Centimeters Per Second. will be hosting the films for free, for a 24-hour period beginning on March 12th.

Laz's Awesome Trip to Japan

(January 8, 2010)

Laz and Shinkai

Laz Long, site administrator, recently took another trip to Tokyo, Japan, where he met with staff from both Crunchyroll and Comix Wave Films, explored the Akihabara shopping district, and even met with Makoto Shinkai himself. Laz has started posting an account of his experiences on the Forum, with more info to come, including an interview with Mr. Shinkai about his next project.

New Work by Mr. Shinkai

(December 27, 2009)

The news about Mr. Shinkai's next work has been flying around the net faster than the Lysithea. It started when Anime News Network reported on a surprise appearance by the anime director at an Eminence Symphony Orchestra concert in Tokyo, where he announced the start of production on the new project. Then, a later report stated that art work for the new feature had begun appearing on Mr. Shinkai's personal web site, Other Voices, with some additional information. The caption in the banner of his "Sayonara" page reads, "a girl is heading on a journey to say, 'farewell'." More news to come.

Cast News

(August 13, 2009)

Sumi Mutoh (Mikako Nagamine, Voices) was cast as Zashiki-warashi in the anime XXXHolic and its 2008 sequel XXXHolic:Kei.

Donna Burke (Operator of the Lysithea, Voices) is a singer who currently resides in Japan; she sang the Australian national anthem for the 2008 Pan Pacific Cup game between Australia and Japan.

Hidetaka Yoshioka (Hiroki Fujisawa, The Place Promised) starred in the 2009 TV police drama Keikan no Chi (The Policeman's Lineage), as Tamio Anjo.

Chris Patton (Hiroki Fujisawa, The Placed Promised) continues to work as a voice actor for Funimation and ADV; he recently voiced the part of Haruka in the English version of the 2007 anime Tactics.

Masato Hagiwara (Takuya Shirokawa, The Place Promised) continues to act in both TV and movies, recently starring in the 2008 movie Persona.

Yuka Nanri (Sayuri Sawatari, The Place Promised) voiced the role of Nami Shishido in the 2008 anime Sora Kake Girl (The Girl Who Leapt Through Space).

Jessica Boone (Sayuri Sawatari, The Place Promised) voiced the role of Suzu Edogawa in the English version of the 2007 anime Tactics.

Johnny Bosch Yong (Takaki Tohno, 5 Centimeters) is lead singer and guitarist with the band Eyeshine; he also stars as Ryu in the 2009 movie Hellbinders.

Satomi Hanamura (Kanae Sumida, 5 Centimeters) voiced the character of Mirai Onozawa in the 2009 anime series Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

Kira Buckland (Kanae Sumida, 5 Centimeters) played the role of Maggie Blair in the 2009 TV series 35 and Counting.

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