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Best Fan Fiction
Boku to Kanjo no Monogatari…
 20%  [ 3 ]
Dream Under the Oak Tree
 73%  [ 11 ]
Jin to Haruka
 6%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 15

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:40 am    Post subject: Best FAN FICTION  Reply with quote

Your options are ....

1 - Boku to Kanjo no Monogatari… -

2 - Dream Under the Oak Tree -

3 - Jin to Haruka -
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Joined: 09 Jan 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:35 pm    Post subject: Boku to Kanjo no Monogatari… Reply with quote

Boku to Kanjo no Monogatari…

The snow was falling down and as I frantically tried to catch some, it just melted away. This is the reason why I hate snow: no matter how hard you try to catch the snow, it just melts away to nothing but a drop of water. However, she liked snow and she always said that it made her smile…

The dull clouds above my head always made my head fill with questions that one wouldn’t know the answer for. Was it wrong for me to fall in love? Human beings are a kind of a race, which only care for them self – so why do they cry for others? All of the happiness found in life only holds eternity of pain when one loses happiness. In my opinion, I think that the only thing that never-ends is the endless time which moves in its own pace.

Perhaps, I was thinking too much.

I grabbed my coat; as I opened the main door to get some fresh air, a gentle yet chilly breeze passed me by. I slowly breathed in the cold air and you could see mist coming out as I gradually breathed out. I would always laugh at her since she always tried to breath out mist but couldn’t do it. Gradually, I stretched out my right hand and I felt a cold touch which was a drip of water. This time last year…

I hate staying late at work.  Why is it always me? I turned the lights on as I entered my room and she was there slumped, dozing on the coffee table. As I slowly walked towards her, there was a cake saying: Happy 22th Birthday. I moaned to myself on how I could forget my own birthday. However, I gave out a smirk as she was drooling in the coffee table. I tip-toed towards the bedroom and grabbed the blanket to cover her. I didn’t want to wake her up since she looked tired. So, I decided to sleep next to her.

Morning was something I always look forward to, as she would always be there next to me. Her warm smile always made my day. However, it was different today; she wasn’t there when I woke up. She left a note mentioning that she had to go work early today.  I moaned to myself as I dragged myself to the kitchen saying it had to be today.

It was Sunday evening and she was at the apartment. I asked her if she could stay here tonight since I had something to talk her about. She gave me a warm smile which probably meant she will be staying. Later, that night I told her that I would be going to Canada for up-coming summer holiday (for 2months) which was only three days away. She had a confused expression. So, I explained her than it was a life time opportunity and that I would get a good pay. I asked her to forgive me as we two were planning to go to Japan this summer. Before I could explain more about the job she stormed out of the room towards the main door.

I gave out a loud sigh. The talk didn’t go the way I wanted to.  I closed my eyes and let myself go hopefully the bed is not damaged. The silence in the room made me feel at ease and before I knew it I was already asleep. Slowly and gradually, I opened my eyes and it caught a light and I closed them back again. I reached out for my cell phone under my pillow to check what time it was. As I flipped open my cell phone, I had 50 miss calls and 30 messages! All of them were by her. In all of those messages she mentioned that she wouldn’t see me until I forfeit to do work in the summer holidays. I just don’t get her. It’s only for two months anyway we could always go to Japan next summer. So, what’s the hurry?

Next 2 days I continued planning and packing up for flight. Before I went to sleep I sent her a message stating that I will be leaving UK tomorrow at 8am. I didn’t get any reply so I was going to call her but when I checked the time I was already late for my flight.

18/01 – 06:05am. I closed the main door and dragged my suitcase and took the staircase out. The trip to the airport didn’t take that long as I expected. After reaching Canada I was busy for three days sorting out room and job which meant I couldn’t receive calls and check my emails. I had received 9 voicemails left three each day. In every message she stated that she was angry with me so I didn’t contact her. She stopped sending me message so I phoned her back during my weekends but didn’t get in contact with her. Moreover, I tried to email but didn’t get any reply so I gave up contacting her since I was busy with my work.

After two months I returned back to the apartment and it was the way I left with no clue of her. I went over to her apartment since I haven’t been contact with her for long time… at least that’s what I think.

There was no reply no matter how much I knocked on her door. I popped up to the landlord’s room and they said that she had left the apartment during the time I was away. Somehow, hearing that my heartfelt heavy as if I was carrying heavy stone at my back. In a sense during that time I believed that I could cry if I wanted to but for unspecified reason I couldn’t. Was it because a man shouldn’t cry? At that time I thought that crying is done for someone who is special to someone. So during all this time I didn’t feel anything for her?

…After that I stopped contacting her and neither did I get any message from her. Every minute feels like an hour to pass by. Maybe if I didn’t meet her, I wouldn’t have to feel the pain I did. I’m a scaredy-cat and running away from the reality is all I can do. Just like what someone said "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." This means forgetting her is something I won’t be able to do.

These days I have been wondering about the town during night time since in the apartment I always end up thinking of the time spent with her in the apartment. However, even the snow, cold reminds me of her…
You're a woman, I'm a calf ... you're a window, I'm a knife ... we come together making chance into starlight ... - Jeff Buckley

ここにいるよ. - Voices of a Distant Star
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:38 pm    Post subject: Dream Under the Oak Tree Reply with quote

Dream Under the Oak Tree

I held up my hand to block the sun's blinding rays.

“It's hot,” I moaned.

The sky was blinding white, replacing the blue sky I've been accustomed to. Everything around me was distorted by the scorching heat, like looking through a rippling stream. Sweat rolled down my face and neck, making my shirt damp. I tried to wipe the sweat from my eyes, but it did no good.

Across the field of grass was a giant hill where a lonely oak tree stood high into the clouds. Under this oak tree was a relaxing shade, a paradise that only appears during summer. I made my way to the shade to escape the heat, but that wasn't my reason for going there. Standing under the shade, looking out at the small town a little ways away, was a girl. Her long, angelic blonde hair flowed with the summer wind. She wore a white summer dress, holding onto her shoulders by two small straps no thicker than a piece of string.

When I got closer, I could here her sweet voice singing a gentle melody. Her lyrics were calm and innocent, like that of a quiet newborn. I stopped and listened to her performance without her noticing. After she was through I climbed up the hill, calling her name. When she noticed me, her face was shocked about my sudden appearance, but it quickly melted to that of a smile. Her blue eyes glittered from the beams of sunlight that seeped through the leaves. She held up her hand and waved to me, softly whispering “welcome back”.


I groggily lifted my body up from my bed, slamming the top of my alarm clock with my sweaty palm. After wiping the sweat from my face, I looked my alarm clock and sighed.

“I had that dream again,” I whispered to myself as I got out of bed. After I changed into my uniform, I headed off to school, ignoring breakfast.

For months now, I've been randomly having this dream. It's always about a blue eyed blonde haired girl, waiting patiently under an oak tree on top of a large hill. Every time I have that dream, I would wake up covered in sweat, regardless of the temperature in my room. It always felt like I was there, feeling the soft wind blowing through my hair, the sound of chirping bugs filling my ears and blades of grass tickling my toes. If I didn't have an alarm clock waking me up each and every time, I'd think that that girl on the hill was my reality.

But that's just stupid.

I went to school like any other day, clinging onto my coat as the autumn leaves fell from the trees. The brisk morning wind was humid, making it unnecessarily colder than it needed to be. “I really hate the cold,” I thought as chills ran down my spine.

“You should go take some drugs or something.” My best friend Dustin and I were sitting outside under an oak tree, eating our lunches that we had bought at a nearby gas station off campus.

“What, like marijuana or cocaine?” I joked.

“No, no, no my friend. I mean stuff that you can get at a drug store, or maybe get some prescriptions from a doctor. That way you won't have that dream anymore,” he said, holding up a finger like some expert in the field of medicine.

“Why's that?”
“Because, that's the American way!” he cheered as he stood on the concrete bench, holding out his can of Dr Pepper.
“The American way? That's a load of bull.”
“Trust me, it's the American way.” Dustin jumped down from the bench and held up three fingers in my face. “Drugs, lawsuits, and violence. The American way.”
Dustin was smacked by a bag on the back of his head. “Drugs, lawsuits, and violence, huh?” my other friend Shannon said, annoyed by Dustin's antics.
“Of course! I know these things!” he argued.
“Don't go making up such idiotic things! It's just gonna make you look more like a dumb ass.”
Annoyed, Dustin rolled his eyes and folded his arms. “Pfft, what do women know?”
Shannon punched Dustin square in the jaw, causing him to fall backwards. She then gracefully took Dustin's seat next to me. “Can you believe him?” she asked me, sighing as she took a bite of her sandwich.
“He's always good for a laugh,” I chuckled.
The bell let out a long ring, signaling the end of lunch.
“Well, back to the war room,” Dustin said as he tossed his garbage in a nearby dumpster like a basketball player. “Want to do something after school?”
“Naw, I'm busy,” Shannon answered.
“Me too man, sorry about that.”
The three of us merged in with the crowd of students, only to disperse when we arrived at our respectful classrooms. It was another typical day, just like any other day. A teacher stood at the front of the class, babbling on and on about something nobody wanted to listen to, not even the teacher himself. I blankly stared at the chalkboard, doodling in my text book. When I looked down, I realized I had drawn the girl under the oak tree, so I quickly erased it before the teacher noticed it.

I started thinking about the dream as I looked out the window. “Who is that girl,” I thought. Why does this dream keep popping up over and over again? It's not like I know the girl or anything. Hell, she doesn't even look like a famous actress or something. She's just some ordinary, plain looking girl.

Then there's the hill with the oak tree. Every time I think about it, it bothers me. I felt like I've seen it before, but that's preposterous. I've been in this city all my life. The town overlooked by the hill is small, while where I live is the exact opposite. Giant skyscrapers line the streets, slicing the passing clouds. Roads stretched for miles on end, filled with cars and pedestrians.

I sighed, watching the leaves fall off the trees. “Whatever,” I whispered under my breath.

The school day ended with Shannon and I leaving school together, just like every other day. We both take the same train on the subway and get off at the same stop, so we always end up going home together. It was a routine that had gradually made itself the norm. Last year when we first met, we were in most of the same classes, and realized that we always took the same train and got off  at the same stop, so one day Shannon said “since we're constantly bumping into each other, let's become friends”.

I guess you can say she's pretty cute. She's a bit smaller than me, with blonde hair that stopped at her shoulders. Plus she always makes jokes or goof off. She'd make jokes like saying she's of the master race because of her blue eyes and blonde hair. I make the same jab at her whenever she would say it and the two of us would laugh. You would think we were a couple with all the time we spend together, but I really wouldn't call ourselves that.

“So, you're still having that dream?” she asked me.
“Yeah. I'm not sure why. I don't even know who the girl is.”
“Hmm,” Shannon pondered, tapping the end of her finger on her bottom lip. “What does she look like?”
“She has blue eyes and long blonde hair and wears a white summer dress.”
“During the fall?”
“No. When I have the dream, it always takes place during the middle of summer.”
“I see. So, is she some girl you secretly admire and haven't told me about yet?” she teased.
“What? No! I don't even know her!”
I reclined in my seat and stared up at the graffiti on the ceiling. Shannon watched me then let out a huge sigh. “Seriously, you look like your cat died or something.”
“Ever since you've been having that dream, you've looked melancholic. I'm tired of it!”
“I'm sorry.”
Shannon puffed her cheek. “You know what, I've decided that I'm going to help you. You doing anything this Saturday?”
“Good! The two of us are gonna go out and have some fun for a change. Moping around thinking about a dream everyday isn't a way to live. You need to do something every now and then. Plus, we haven't done anything with just the two of us in awhile.”
“But I-”
“No 'buts'!” she ordered. The train reached our stop and Shannon got off. “It'll be fun!” she said as she winked at me. I watched her run into the crowd of people as the doors on the train closed. The train then started moving again.
“Oh crap! I forgot to get off!”
I ended up getting off at the next stop and, not wanting to look like an idiot, walked the rest of the way home instead of taking another train. I'm an idiot.


The night before Saturday, I had the dream again. It was a scorching hot summer day with a blinding white sky. On top of a giant hill was a lonely oak tree, where the girl sang as she waited for someone. I climbed the hill to see her, listening to her beautiful melody. When I came up to her, she smiled.

A strong breeze pushed against the top of the tree, causing it to sway. I looked down at the girl, breathing heavily after having climbed the exhausting hill. She looked up at me with a gentle smile on her face. I reached my arms around her and embraced her, holding her close to my chest. She closed her eyes and hugged me back with her weak arms. Our arms were locked around one another for only a couple minutes, but it felt like it went on for much longer.

As we held one another, a familiar ring tone blasted in my ear.
“What the!?” I yelled as I fell out of my bed. I scurried to pick up the phone and answered it. “Hello?”
“Where are you!?” Shannon yelled at the other end of the line. “I've been waiting for you like forever now! Did you forget about today?”
“Oh crap!” I yelled. “Hold on, I'll be right there!” I hung up the phone and quickly changed my clothes, threw on some shoes and dashed out the front door. I ran as fast as I could to a local movie theater, where Shannon had told me to meet her the other day. When I got there, I looked around to find a pissed off Shannon so I could apologize, but she wasn't there.
“Where is she?”
I looked at my phone and noticed the time. It was ten minutes before the appointed time. Minutes later, a chirpy Shannon dressed in her casual clothes came skipping up to me. “Did you wait long?” she smirked.
“What was with that call!? You made it sound like that I was late!”
“Aw, come on. I just wanted you to be here first so I could say 'did you wait long'. It's been a dream of mine for years now to say that.” Shannon laughed as she patted me on the back. I hunched over, feeling defeated.
“Isn't that something you should say to your boyfriend or something?” I asked. The patting slowly started turning into a beating, my back becoming more sore with each pound.
“Ha ha ha! You're so funny!” she laughed, her face blushed as she was literally punching me. “Anyway, let's go!” Shannon grabbed my wrist and dragged me into the movie theater.
The two of us ended up watching a romance film that she had wanted to see for awhile now. A scene where the two main characters held each other reminded me of my dream. In my dream, I had held the girl as if it was normal, like I had done it millions of times before. I couldn't understand it, but it felt “right” during the dream. Her image wouldn't leave my head during the entire movie, as if I longed for her.
After the movie was over, Shannon and I went out to eat at a nearby restaurant.
“That was a great movie,” Shannon exclaimed as she ate one of her french fries. “It had me tearing up at the end too!”
“Uh huh,” I mumbled, continuously dipping a french fry in ketchup, yet not bothering to eat it.
“Did you enjoy it too?” Shannon asked me.
“Uh huh.”
“You're thinking about her again, aren't you?”
“You're thinking about that dream of yours again. I watched you through the entire movie, and not once were you really watching it. Why do you care so much about a girl inside a dream?”
I gave her a puzzled look as she said that.
“You've been obsessing over her for months now! You know it, I know it, Dustin knows it, hell everyone knows it. You need to stop thinking about that dream and come back to reality.”
“Why should I?” I said out of my ass.
“Because, I love you! I don't want to see you like this!”
I darted my eyes away from her, taking a sip of my soda. When I looked back at Shannon, I noticed a couple of tears had formed in her eyes. “Do you like me?” she asked.
I didn't answer her.
She quickly grabbed her purse and walked out of the restaurant. I watched her as she walked by the window and let out a long sigh. “Dammit.”
After a minute of poking at my fries, I threw mine and Shannon's food away.
“What was with her all of the sudden? It's not like I love her or anything,” I mumbled to myself as I left the restaurant. Right as I said that, I stopped. My stomach began to feel heavy as I thought about what I had just said. My heart sank all the way down to my shoes, like a weight being dropped into the ocean. “Do I mean that?” I thought. Quickly, I shook my head to erase my thoughts. The city park came up as I wandered around, so I decided to make a detour and enjoy the fall scenery.
Following the twisting path, my eyes locked onto a hill that I happened to walk by. It was rather large, standing high above the rest of the park. On top of that hill was a lonely oak tree, its leaves a mixture of yellow and orange, falling one by one down to the ground. I was fixated on the hill, when it dawned on me.
“This is . . .” I said. Immediately, the yellow and orange leaves turned to dark green, the sky scrapers and streets replaced with meadows and a small town out into the distance. The sun hung high in the sky, making the sky appear to be a blinding white. I held up my hand to block out the blinding light from my eyes. Standing under the oak tree was a girl clad in a white summer dress. Her long blonde hair flowed with the warm summer breeze. She leaned against the trunk of the tree, singing as she looked down at the small town. Her voice was calm and peaceful, her song melodic and innocent.
The girl stopped singing when she noticed me, then smiled.
“How are you?” the girl asked.
“I'm alright.”
“I'm glad,” she said, turning her attention back to the small town.
I stood next to her, looking down at the small town beyond the hills. “Uh,” I said, getting her attention. “I don't mean to bother, but what are you doing here?”
“I'm waiting for someone,” she answered.
The girl turned around to face me, holding her hands to her chest. “The most important person in the world to me.”
“Have you been waiting long?”
The girl's face turned distressed. “For a long time now. He used to be with me all the time, but then a couple of months ago, he stopped showing up.”
“I see.”
The two of us looked down at the small town, bustling with activity as people went about their business.
“He'll come back,” I told her. As I continued to watch the small town, a pair of soft lips brushed against my cheek.
“Thank you,” the girl whispered into my ear. When I turned to see her, a huge gust of wind blew into us, causing leaves to fly into my face. When I opened my eyes again, I was standing under the oak tree on top of a hill, alone. The city had reappeared, along with the coldness of fall.
I stood there, stunned by what had just happened. Before my mind could fully comprehend what had taken place, I hear the voice of the girl from my dreams, calling my name from behind me. When I looked back, Shannon was there, breathing heavily.
She climbed up the hill, still trying to catch her breath. “I'm sorry,” she apologized. “I shouldn't have gotten upset back there.” Once she got her breath back, she started laughing. “Guess I was a little embarrassing back there, wasn't I?”
While she laughed, I wrapped my arms around her. “Huh? What are you doing?” she whined, her face blushing from my action.
“I found her,” I said. “The girl I've been caring so much about these past few months. The girl who had been plaguing my mind, refusing to leave my thoughts. The girl who had captured my heart.”
“I . . . I see,” Shannon mumbled. Her face looked disappointed, thinking I have found the girl of my dreams, and that I would be leaving her behind.
“It was you, Shannon.”
She looked up at me with a surprised look.
“You were the girl in my dreams. I'm sorry it took me this long to realize it.”
Tears began to form in Shannon's eyes. She wrapped her arms around me and we kissed. Yellow and orange leaves fell around us as we held onto each other, time slowing down for the two of us. The two of us then went home together, holding hands.
On a fall afternoon in the middle of autumn, the girl who had been patiently waiting under the lonely oak tree, was finally reunited with her true love.
You're a woman, I'm a calf ... you're a window, I'm a knife ... we come together making chance into starlight ... - Jeff Buckley

ここにいるよ. - Voices of a Distant Star

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:38 pm    Post subject: Jin to Haruka Reply with quote

Jin to Haruka

February 2008. Jin was 17, almost 18. He had been playing the piano since he was 4, and just performed at the concert of Sakura High School, in Tōkyō.
As Jin was fond of science, he was on a Maths BBS. One day, a certain “Haruka” joined the community. Her first post was: “Hi everyone! I typed “Jin” on Google because I wanted to get some pictures from the Sakura concert, so I fell on this BBS. By the way, I loved Jin's performance.”
“Welcome Haruka.” Jin said, “Glad you liked it. Are you from Sakura too?”
“No, but my brother is. His name is Toya, you may know him. He is the guy who performed “Lemon Tree” from Fool's Garden.”
Jin had no idea of who she was talking about, but replied: “Yup, I see.”
Then, Haruka and Jin started to e-mail each other. A lot. So much that Haruka's parents started to worry for her daughter's exams. Haruka said to him for instance that she was living at Okinawa, that sailing was her passion and that she loved his YouTube videos.
“Stop talking with this boy, Haruka. You don't even know him.” Haruka's mother said.
Haruka's parents forced her to stop using the computer. So she started to write real letters to Jin. He answered to them, which made her very happy. After her exams, they went back to e-mails.
In September, Jin found on Facebook a picture of Haruka. She was very pretty and had a beautiful blonde hair.
One month later, an acquaintance of both Jin and Haruka died in a bicycle accident.
Haruka was upset, although she had never met him; he was someone very known at Okinawa, a boy very kind and very intelligent: he had just entered Tōdai. “I wanted to meet him, now it's impossible.” Then, she added: “Please, Jin, let's meet, I don't want this to happen again.”
So, they met for the very first time, in Tōkyō. While they were walking, Haruka asked: “Can you play the piano for me?” Jin accepted. So he brought her to his home. She recorded him with her movie camera.
At the end of the day, Jin took her back to the airport.
Jin was thinking. Haruka was beautiful, but young, and far. Besides, she was interested in his playing, not him.
February 2009. Jin decided to invite Haruka to the Sakura High School concert (he didn't play this year). Thus he called the deputy principal, Mr. Kanzaki, and asked for two places.
A few days later, he got a call. “Hello, Jin, this is Mr. Kanzaki. I was thinking… Do you mind if I put Takashi (Mr. Kanzaki's son) next to you?”
“Not at all, Mr.”
“Are you sure? I mean, maybe you prefer to be only with your girlfriend?”
“Ha ha, this is not my girlfriend.”
“All right then.”
Jin told this story to Haruka, they laughed. The concert was great, and Jin was able to meet Haruka's parents, who were pleased to see him – it was the first time they met, but Haruka had so much told about Jin that it was as if they had been knowing each other for years.
Jin's birthday was coming. He obviously invited Haruka, and a lot of friends, including Gaara, a guy (from Sakura High School) he didn't like very much but that he had invited anyway. Gaara knew Toya.
A few days after the event, Jin happened to see that Haruka and Gaara were chatting on Facebook.
Jin suddenly understood: he was in love with Haruka.
She told him that Gaara was very kind, and sent to her a lot of e-mails. She didn't know why. He did know why. Haruka also added that her parents were worrying about the upcoming exams, and didn't like Gaara, exactly like what happened one year before but for someone else.
Jin decided to meet her. He called her.
“Hi, this is Jin. Can we meet?”
“Yes! When?”
“Tōkyō or Okinawa?”
“Well, okay! My parents want to have you for lunch.”
Then, they chose a Sunday.
Time went by.
Wednesday. Jin and Haruka were chatting on MSN.
Haruka: “Hey, that's great, on Friday I meet Gaara, on Saturday I sail, and on Sunday I meet you!”
“Yes. He asked me to ask you if we could meet, him and me, and I said that it wouldn't be a problem for you. So, on Friday I go to Sakura High School to meet him.”
“Actually, it IS a problem for me.”
“Oh, why? I'm sorry, I didn't know.”
“I'll tell you someday.”
Thursday. Jin decided to call Gaara. “Hi Gaara, this is Jin. Can you tell me what do you feel for Haruka?”
“… I don't know.”
“Because I know, for me. I love her.”
“Maybe I should leave her to you, then.”
“Wow, I didn't expect such a response.”
But, a few minutes later, Gaara sent an SMS to Jin: “Well, this situation is shit.” Jin felt the danger and started to send some SMS to Haruka, until she said: “Gaara told me anything.”
“All of this is beyond me. This is terribly embarrassing.”
“You know, a similar story happened to me a few years ago. I said “No” to both.”
“But I don't understand how you can ask me to do that! I've been blatanly in love with you for one year, and you only react when Gaara is dating me!”
Jin just learned this. He had been wrong since the beginning.
Friday. Jin, who was attending lessons in Shibuya, decided to skip school in the afternoon and get the first plane for Tōkyō. The purpose was to arrive before Haruka at the airport.
The plane got delayed. Fortunately, it arrived before Haruka's.
So, Jin waited for Haruka at the exit of the airport. But she didn't come. He called her, she was with Gaara (who unexpectedly had been to the airport to take her). Game over for Jin.
In the evening, Jin received an e-mail from Gaara: “Now I know our relationship won't be the same again, but I hope you're not too upset.”
“What? Are you two already going out?”
“Why do you say this? I meant, generally speaking.”
Saturday. Jin was speechless. He decided not to annoy her more, so didn't do anything.
Sunday. As planed, Jin flew to Okinawa. Haruka, who had been waiting for him at the airport, was beautiful, although she had a sad face.
After the lunch, Haruka decided to take Jin for a walk to the hills. At a certain height, they sit.
Jin tried to kissed her. She moved back and said: “What are you doing?”
“Have you talked to Gaara?”
“Yup. I asked if you were together, he answered you weren't.”
“Did he?”
“Actually, no. He answered: “Why do you say this?” Why? Are you two together?”
“Yes. This morning he sent me an SMS, he asked me to tell you as soon as possible that we were going out.”
“But… Why didn't you tell me you were in love with me?”
“I thought you didn't like me that much, and we were far from each other… Well, for example, when you told me that story, about the deputy principal's son, you mentioned that I wasn't your girlfriend, so I thought it was clear.”
In the evening, Haruka's parents drove Jin back to the airport. In the car, there were some painful silences in the back.
After a moment, Haruka's mother, who was talking to her father, said: “It's a pity…”
“It's a pity what?” Haruka asked.
“It's a pity not to make the right choice.” her mother answered; she didn't know that her sentence came just at the right time.
Then Haruka looked at Jin, she felt uncomfortable. Jin answered, putting up his hands: “Ah, this time, I've got nothing to do with it!”
You're a woman, I'm a calf ... you're a window, I'm a knife ... we come together making chance into starlight ... - Jeff Buckley

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:02 am    Post subject: Winner of Best Fan Fiction .... Reply with quote

The Winner for the Best Fan Fiction is Dream Under the Oak Tree.

Congrats .. send your address information to me via PM or email.


You're a woman, I'm a calf ... you're a window, I'm a knife ... we come together making chance into starlight ... - Jeff Buckley

ここにいるよ. - Voices of a Distant Star
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